Africa Safari Lodge

Game Drives, Tours and Walking Trails, MTB, Bird Watching, Wellness Spa
With a range of activities available in-and-around Africa Safari Lodge, there is never a dull moment. There are natural walking trails available for those individuals who are more adventurous at heart and a Wellness Spa for those who want to relax.
Africa Safari Lodge is an open area for a variety of wild game, so even when you are lounging around there is always something to see. 

Game Drives

Africa Safari Lodge

Experience the Namibian bushveld like never before! We, at Africa Safari Lodge, would like to invite our guests to join us on a game drive designed to bring you closer to the world’s most magnificent wildlife.


Africa Safari Lodge

There is no better way to explore Namibia than on foot and the unique hiking trails available on Africa Safari Lodge will bring you closer to the real-Namibia than ever before.


Africa Safari Lodge

Mountain Biking through the escarpment, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, challenging from beginner to professional.

Bird Watching

Africa Safari Lodge

Bird-watching at Africa Safari Lodge is an all year round pleasure with excellent opportunities to view a wide range of beautiful bird species that have made Namibia’s landscapes their home.

Wellness Spa

Africa Safari Lodge Wellness Spa

There is no better way to relax than to get pampered from head-to-toe. Allow us at the Africa Safari Lodge Wellness Spa to transform your visit to Namibia into an unforgettable, relaxing experience. Embark upon a path of inner balance and outer radiance whilst enjoying the majestic planes of Southern Namibia.